Medicaid Amendments Proposed by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services has recently proposed amendments regarding long term care and medical payment. This rulemaking will require long term care facilities to inform DHFS of any death or discharge of a resident on Medicaid within fifteen (15) calendar days. Changes in patient credit, third party liability, or requests for change in care rates—all information is to be submitted within forty-five (45) days. The information must be submitted via either of two electronic portals. The two portals are MEDI, Medical Electronic Data Intercharge, or EDI, the Electronic Data Intercharge Service Vendor. These amendements will add self-neglect to actions that are to be investigated by APS, Adult Protective Services. This will establish an APS registry which will record the names of caregivers who were found to have abused, neglected or exploited “adult” patients with disabilities ages 18 or older. The APS agency will review the victim’s case record and concur with a finding and recommend whether or not the said caregiver be placed on the registry or not concur and recommend against placement. Caregivers will be notified on the decision and soon as one has been made. Those who will be affected by this rulemaking include any agency which provide adult protective services, caregivers of older or disabled adults, agencies which hire or supervise caregivers and any and all law enforcement and fire protection agencies. This proposed amendements to the Medical Payment (89 IAC 140; 42 III Reg 9052) implements Public Act 100-449.

Medicaid Amendments Proposed by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services

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