Doctors and Lawyers Who Coax Patients into Surgical Procedures

Women who have vaginal mesh implants to support their bladders often have discomfort. These women sometimes find themselves falling prey to a burgeoning industry that makes money by coaxing women into have surgery – sometimes unnecessarily — so that they are more lucrative plaintiffs in a lawsuit against medical device manufacturers. Court records suggest that perhaps thousands of women have been sucked into unnecessary surgeries, which may have horrendous complications.

The litigation surrounding mesh implants is lucrative. Millions of women, world wide, have received them,and many women do in fact complain that they cause bleeding and/or pain during sexual intercourse. But, surgery is not always, or even often, the answer.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation will prosecute doctors for performing unnecessary procedures, and rightfully so, as it is a violation of state and federal criminal law to perform and bill for a procedure that is not medically necessary. Charges of Medicare and Medicaid fraud are also likely.

Doctors must be wary of arrangements with lawyers and or third parties who are arranging to find patients for them. It is illegal to pay a referral for patients.

Doctors and Lawyers Who Coax Patients into Surgical Procedures

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