Male OB-GYNs are in decline

“I’d rather see a female doctor.” In a male-dominated profession, this request is not common, unless we are speaking about gynecology. From 1970 to today, the percentage of women gynecologists jumped from 7 percent to 59 percent. Male physicians fear that due to the decline in number of male gynecologists, their gender may eventually be excluded from the speciality altogether. The Chicago Tribune article, Male OB-GYNs are in the decline by Soumya Karlamangla mentions an instance of this gender preference. Brooke Hamel, a 19 year old girl from Virginia, recently went to the gynecologist to get a intrauterine device inserted. “He touched me and I immediately lost it… As soon as I had to spread my legs, I was in a really vulnerable place, and I did not want to be in that position with a male.” Outside of this speciality, fewer than a third of physicians are females. Men are now less likely than ever to try and become an OB-GYN due to this controversy. If the drop in number of male gynecologists continues, this could weaken the field overall. In terms of care, male and female OB-GYNs have the same education and practice. Preference in gender is only a matter of what the patient feels most comfortable with. On the other hand, there are women who prefer male OB-GYNs stating they are more gentle and better listeners. Perhaps this is due to the need to overcome this uprising stereotype.

Male OB-GYNs are in decline

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